ИП Барай Н.Н


ИП Барай Н.Н

The PeerClick team is an amalgamation of geeks, scientists, creative wizards, digital marketers and all around crafty human beings. We're a mischievous bunch that enjoys disrupting and redefining industries with serious technology.

Way back in 2017, we’ve brainstormed through affiliate challenges in search of fresh perspective on traffic tracking. Our first-hand experience drove us towards the development of a platform that would offer something a bit more than just a tracker. After tweaking various software, we have finally came up with a solution for automatic campaign optimization that along with an accurate statistics and fast redirects offers more possibilities for traffic monetization.

PeerClick continues its growth. We’ve attended many affiliate events, partnered up with industry leaders, and collected rich knowledge that altogether helps us improve our tracker to fit the need of every client. We are real and we are here to lead your affiliate business towards success!

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